Refrigerators are extremely vital appliances for both home and commercial uses and over time they have evolved, with variety of options of select from and functions to consider. Mobile fridges or mobile cold rooms are what evolution has produced and have fast becoming popular.

Their uses vary according to individual’s requirements and are most receptive for the refrigeration of storage foods and drinks for trade, events and leisure use. Convenience is always key and a mobile fridge trailer is just that, it is a quick, easy, portable and ideal solution for weddings, outside caterers, hotels and restaurants, butchers, farmers’ markets, festivals and game shoots, or over Christmas and other busy times when you just need temporary extra capacity.

These Mobile Fridges are fitted with insulated walls and flooring; therefore, consume less energy to keep them running at the correct temperature, especially in today’s climate. They are also fitted with thermometers which record the temperature constantly and technology that will ensure that food or other products do not spoil or get damaged.

Our mobile fridge is perfect for you, they come in various sizes and capacity, depending on your individual need and most importantly, it is easy to use – just plug it in and you’re ready to refrigerate.

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